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Important Dates

Team Registration Closes!
High School Division Teams get matched with their small businesses! 
Workshop 3 Dates: Teams will be eligible for a 1-on-1 workshop with our advisor for the competition, Mr. Vinodh Swaminathan. Come brainstorm, pick up business and pitch tips, and even give mock pitches for feedback!
Mandatory Photo Shoot: Come meet the other teams and take some Zoom photos for our website and Instagram!

Time: 5-6pm

Competition Day Schedule 2021-22

The 2020-2021 competition was a total success! The judges, businesses, I3 Team, and more were thoroughly impressed!


Details for our 2021-2022 competition will be released soon. To be the first to hear about it, sign up for our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at anytime!

Each team will have a pitch slot of ~20 minutes. Pitches must be delivered in 8 minutes; judges will ask questions for 5 minutes and follow up with feedback for about 2 minutes. More detailed feedback will be available after the competition is over.
The rubrics for the outcome and concept pitches can be found on the information pages of this website.
At least one member from each team is asked to check in with the I3 Team during the staff break for final press release quotes and pictures. 
Adult sponsors may sit in on pitches if they'd like, but it is not required. If they do, they must have their cameras off. 


"I will never forget all of the important lessons that I have learned from the wonderful mentors, specifically the I3 Help Team, such as learning how to approach each situation with confidence and patience."

— Patricia v. O, High School Division


2020-2021 Winners!

Team 8H, made up of Sofia Krause, Devan Fauser, and Field Ogilvy, won the High School Division of the I3 Competition and its $1000 prize!

Team 1M, made up of Brooke Cumberland, YeonWoo Kook, Charlotte Marcussen, and Isabelle Heflin, won the Middle School Division of the 2021 I3 Competition and its $250 prize!

Both Teams' pitches will be posted on the I3 Competition's Youtube Channel!

Check Out Our Video For This Year's Competition!