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For The Business

Businesses play an integral part of the high school and middle school competitions. Each business will be partnered with one practical division team. Business owners should plan to meet with each team about 3 times before the competition day. Team project managers will be in charge of facilitating communication between business owners and the full team. 

The I3 Competition was founded on the ideas of community, connectivity, and communication. We hope that the students will be introduced to the rich and vibrant community of local entrepreneurs, connect this experience to your future by providing you with a beneficial business tool, and stay in communication with you even after the competition, should you be open to it. The competition was also as a way for students to get guidance and give guidance; we have an advisor on our staffing team for this competition, but we hope you are able to impart some of your mentorship on these teams. 



Social Media Marketing/Templates for Future Use; Mobile App; Website Creation or Recreation.

The deliverables are customizable depending on what you and your team decide depending on the needs of your business. While these are not the only outcome, here are some types of deliverables you may expect:

Social Media Marketing: 5-6 new posts, introduction to new social media platforms, new templates and designs, marketing through paid social media advertisements. Teams will work with the business owner to discover which platforms need to either be improved on or added and make adjustments accordingly. 

App Creation: Minimum of the skeleton of an app created. While we do not expect teams to completely finish the app in the allotted window for the competition, we expect teams to have coded at least a portion of the platform for the business owners to work with.

Website Creation: Teams will asses and identify which parts of the website need assistance and will add new features, redesign sections, and/or create an entirely new site. 

All deliverables should be functional with the limited exception of the app  during and after the competition. Student participant teams will give guidance and make sure you know how to use and maintain the final product!

New consumer base 

Free assistance from high school students

Access to new ideas and untapped potential 



All teams have signed confidentiality agreements and are bound to keep all information shared between you and them private. 

If you have concerns about team performance, competition logistics, what's reburied vs optional, etc., please reach out to the I3 email ( with questions or concerns.

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