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Our Tips

I3 provides a great opportunity for students to learn how to give a successful business pitch, develop organizational skills, and experience making direct change. At the end of the competition, practical teams are tasked with giving an outcome pitch whereas concept teams deliver a concept pitch to show what they have worked on for the past two months. Here are some of our tips to deliver a great pitch:

  •  Keep your slides clear but concise. 

    • A few words are great , but we suggest mainly using the space to show the data you have collected with images and examples! The more analytics and proof of growth, the better!

  • Talk about your decision making process and focus on what you have achieved

  • Make the goal of the company clear for the judges and how you were able to achieve that 

  • Use examples or pictures of how the final product looks throughout your slideshow

  • Speak slowly! 

  • Introduce who you are, but don't overdo it! The content of your pitch is more important.

    • We want to know who you are, so introduce your name at the beginning of your pitch! However, don't let it take too long to ensure you have enough time to talk about what specific changes you made 

  • Be confident! No one knows the amount of work you all have put in besides your team. This is your time to show that!

  • Make sure every slide contributes something new and different! 

  • Practice ahead of time and make use of the mentorship sessions.

  • Fill your time; use up as much of the 8 minutes to give your pitch as possible.

  • Run through the final presentation before the competition timeline.

  • Communicate well with each other and do not to talk over each other in the Q&A period.

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