Middle School Division

The Middle School Division of the I3 Competition is centered around a "concept pitch". After completing the registration, teams will get started on creating a prototype of a product that is in-line with the topic of focus. If a prototype cannot be created for the concept your team is pitching, pitching a "concept" is encouraged with the aid of something the judges can use to visualize this product. Teams will be given two months to develop their prototype and their concept pitch will take place on June 12th, 2021. 

Teams will consist of 3-4 students and 1 adult sponsor. 

We recommend using MIT App Inventor for prototypes of mobile apps and Google Sites for prototypes of websites, but it is at the discretion of the team to choose how they wish to present their prototypes. 

For the competition, we expect teams to do pitch us the concept and prototype they've come up with. Teams should be able to identify a specific problem they believe a small business might face, explain the problem to the panel of judges, present their prototype/concept, and describe why this would help solve the problem. More information about what we expect can be found in the rubric below.​​

Pitches Must be

8 minutes. Each team will be given a 2 minute warning and is expected to finish their full concept pitch in 8 minutes.

    After your Pitch

The judges wll enter into a 5 minute Q&A period. The judges can ask anything from clarification questions to technical questions.

After Q&A

The judges will give you some feedback and then your team is excused until closing ceremonies. More detailed feedback will be sent to teams at the end of the via emails to the adult sponsors.

Teams Are Expected

To dress to impress! Please dress in Business Casual Attire (BCA) or Western Business Attire (WBA) at least on the part of you that is visible on the Zoom.