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Practical Division

The practical division presentation will be in the form of an outcome pitch. Participants will be assigned a business owner and a topic of focus--their goal is to help the business owner by developing the app, website, or social media campaign they owners need. Teams will show how the business has benefited from your solution, and will be assessed on the quality of their presentation and the work that they will have completed. The rubric can be found below. 

Each group should be between 3-4 members as well as an advisor. The advisor can be any responsible adult. Participants should select one person to serve as a "project manager" that will communicate with the small businesses themselves. 

We will only take a limited amount of teams to be partnered with a business, but teams are encouraged to apply for a spot. We encourage students to have experience with coding or social media marketing prior to the competition itself. 

We suggest teams have the following "personalities" at the very least, but we also encourages teams to be diverse in terms of strengths and talents!

  1. Project Manager: this student should have good communication and leadership skills; they will be in charge of making sure the team and the small business owner are in communication, are meeting, and are working together cohesively. The will also be receiving information updates from the I3 Competition are tasked with sharing this information with the team. 

  2. Tech Wizard(s): this student/these students should have experience in coding or web-design platforms like Wix, Weebly, etc. The skill set will depend on the project teams focus on, as some students are more comfortable coding apps, coding websites, or implementing specific tools. 

The first place team will win $2,000.

Pitches Must be

8 minutes. Each team will be given a 2 minute warning and is expected to finish their full outcome pitch in 8 minutes.

After your Pitch

The judges wll enter into a 5 minute Q&A period. The judges can ask anything from clarification questions to technical questions.

After Q&A

The judges will give you some feedback and then your team is excused until closing ceremonies. More detailed feedback will be sent to teams at the end of the via emails to the adult sponsors.

Teams Are Expected

To dress to impress! Please dress in Business Casual Attire (BCA) or Western Business Attire (WBA) at least on the part of you that is visible on the Zoom.

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