The Competition

The Imagine, Innovate, & Inspire (I³) Competition is a competition for 8th to 12th graders who are passionate   about learning and helping their community. The GHS South Asian Heritage Club (SAHC) is partnering with the Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning (IFEL) to motivate students to effect positive and impactful change within our communities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This competition will have two categories: middle school and high school. Each category will have one            winner and one special prize winner. Teams may be comprised of 3 to 4 members and must have an adult      sponsor (teacher or parent).


Each team is expected to apply design thinking skills to solve an issue that falls under our annual theme.        This year, our theme is "What innovation can you create to benefit small businesses in your community?"


For both the high school and middle school divisions, there will be a list of four-five topics that will directly help small businesses to choose from. High school groups will be matched with a small business to develop a product while middle school groups will come up with a concept or a prototype. More information can be found in the sub-tabs of this website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Participants are allowed to submit their projects to other programs and scholarships opportunities. High school students will need the consent of their small business parter and may need to adapt the project for other competitions. 

The winning high school team will receive a $1000 prize and the winning middle school team will receive $250!

Topics of Focus

Mobile App Creation

High school teams that choose this topic will create a mobile app for the small business. They can use any type of technology to create this, such as the MIT App Inventor.

Social Media

High school participants that choose this topic will create social media platform(s) and/or market it to reach a larger audience. 

Website Creation
or Re-creation

High school participants that choose this topic will work to redesign or create a website for the small business based off the needs of the company. They should try to improve user experience and show how your changes has benefited the company.

Chatbox Use or Conversational AI

Conversational AI works to mimic human-like interaction with customers. Participants will implement these chat boxes to find information about the business without the need of a human customer service representative.

Queuing System 
Implementation (high school only)

A virtual queuing system places customers in a virtual waiting line as opposed to physically waiting in line to get service. Participants will work to implement this in the small business. 

Words of Advice from Past Contestants

"Stay organized! It is easy to lose track of time, therefore plan accordingly. Consistent communication is also key to ensuring that you hit reach your goals and the business feels satisfied."